Thursday, August 9, 2012


Home. I think I can finally say it. Before, "home" would always mean North Carolina. Four years is a long time to feel like you are just visiting. It has been an adjustment to say the least but Dallas is really growing on me. I moved into a town home last week and I love the feeling of having my own grown-up space. It is older and has its own problems but it has a lot of character. Yesterday I found a little vine growing inside through the wall... can't get any cuter than that. 

I have acorns. 
 I have a neighbor with a secret garden. 
I have a magnolia tree. Okay not really but it looks over my patio.
I have a living room with a fireplace.
 I have outdoor lighting.
 I have a cozy kitchen to make meals in. 
I have someone to share conversation and a glass of wine with. 

I have a home :)