Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wilmington, NC

Do you ever go back to a place you've been a million times and try to appreciate it all over again? Last weekend I tried to be a tourist in my own hometown and admire all the beauty Wilmington has to offer. Growing up I couldn't wait to move away and go to college and now I am kicking my 15-year-old self for not realizing what I had. I mean is there any sound sweeter than that of crashing waves?? 

Some of you might have heard of Wilmington as the city where Dawson's Creek was filmed. My best friend Mallory and I were extras in the prom scene (below is a picture of the building where we filmed the scene). I had SO much fun, despite the fact that they paired me with the "dork" who was around 15 years older than me, had a long bushy ponytail and a plaid suit--- what?? Mallory's date was more attractive but he was also older and was slightly creepy. Oh and Katie Holmes told Mallory she liked her dress.... memories :) 

Luckily my best friends still live there... can I come stay with y'all again soon?? 

how has no one said anything about this prominently displayed confederate flag? 

the cute little diner where my mom and I had breakfast 

this place fills the street with the scent of baking waffle cones

cute riverwalk farmer's market... love this guy's shirt :) 

Cape Fear River 

USS North Carolina Battleship 

Dawson's Creek prom scene filmed here 

Bellamy Mansion, once the headquarters of the Wilmington occupation by the 
 Federal troops during the Civil War 

wilmington chicks 

Till next time


  1. mere these pictures are soo gorgeous!!! makes me appreciate wilmington more too. and yes please come back soon and stay with us. and then eventually move back. k thanks.

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  3. Ditto to Nise! Mere, these are incredible!! ps - remember when we trained to be "guides" for the Bellamy Mansion and quit after like, two weeks? whoops!

  4. Wilmington is one of my favorite places in the world. So peaceful and whimsical there. Beautiful pictures! xo

  5. i would love to live in north carolina. this is so beautiful and quaint!

  6. Great photos! It looks so pretty there! Laughed out loud at the description of your Dawson's Prom date! Too funny!


  7. These pictures are just gorgeous! I moved to Charleston a few years ago and I love capturing everything I can in this town. And planning to do the "tourist in my hometown" next time i visit nashville! Lovely blog, found you through Wonder Forest. Happy weekend! xo