Monday, July 23, 2012

July Birchbox

One of my favorite things in the entire world is getting mail (good mail, not asking for money mail). That is a big reason why I love birchbox. Another reason is because I hate spending money on beauty products and make-up. I will embarrassingly admit that most of everything I use comes from Walgreens. Now I can sample products every month without having to spend tons of money on them... and the small sizes are great for traveling. I have to say that this month's box might have been my favorite, the sole reason being there was food in it. 

love the package within the package
 my favorite thing to get is lipgloss 
how cute are these headphones? 

Do y'all get birchbox??


  1. yayy me too! so glad you got the cute headphones too!

  2. Looks like we got the same exact box this month!! Did you get the Oscar de la Renta Live In Love perfume?! I LOVE IT. And I usually hate all perfumes! hehe. My mom got one called "Hello" by Harvey Prince and I think I like that one even more than Live In Love! It WAS a good month! :)